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DB2 Services, Architectural Sheetmetal Fabrication, Kansas City

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DB2 Services Kansas City, Kansas

VA Hospital, Liberty Bldg.

Kansas City, Kansas

The DB2 Services production process begins with your design, and ends with your completed building. Our in-house designers work with drawings from your architect, and create our own working drawings. Then we move on to the assembly line, and finally to full assembly and construction at your site.

DB2 Services Kansas City, Kansas
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-01
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-02
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-03
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-04
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-05
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-06
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-07
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-08
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-09
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-10
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-11
  • VA-Hospital-Liberty-12