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DB2 Services, Architectural Sheetmetal Fabrication, Kansas City

The race to quality has no finish line.

About Us

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal Fabrication, Kansas City
While relatively new in name, DB2 Services has roots in one of the oldest architectural sheet metal fabrication companies in Kansas City. Hennessey Sheet Metal Inc. successfully operated for over 30 years. When Patrick Hennessey retired in early 2009, an asset-only purchase was executed, and our company was formed.DB2 Services has expanded our capabilities, with a focus on composite systems, wall systems and roof systems.

Our Company

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheetmetal, Kansas City

Since our formation, DB2 Services Inc. has become known for our quality products, which are fabricated using the extensive knowledge and expertise of our skilled employees. Our highly-qualified staff has over 200 years of combined industry practice.

If you have any questions about your project, or if you need additional information about our services, please be sure to contact us.

Full-Time Employees: 35-40
Bonding Capacity: available on request
Bonding References: available on request

Our History

DB2 Services Kansas City, Kansas

DB2 Services Incorporated is one of the premier union architectural sheet metal firms in the Kansas City metropolitan area. While new in name, we emerged from one of the oldest sheet metal firms in Kansas City.

We have assured quality by drawing on the knowledge of employees with extensive industry experience. In fact, our highly-qualified staff has over 250 years of combined industry practice. Recent upgrades to our fabrication facilities have provided us with expanded production capabilities, to help us keep up with an ever-changing market, and to ensure customer satisfaction through a quality end-product. Our combination of industry expertise, production quality and capability, and our dynamic history have us poised for future success.