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DB2 Services, Architectural Sheetmetal Fabrication, Kansas City

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Architectural Sheet Metal

  We know how to get things done, and get them done right. Some may say these qualities are rare in a contractor, but we consider them standard business.  
— Danny Boyle, DB2 Services
DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal, Kansas City
Blue Valley High School

Architectural Wall Panels

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal, Kansas City
Christ Community Church

Copper Steeple, Copper Flashing and Gutters

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal, Kansas City
Crossroads Hotel

Architectural Wall Panels

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal, Kansas City
Olathe High School

Architectural Wall Panels, Composite Panels

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal, Kansas City
Smithville Elementary

Sheet Metal Roof, Architectural Wall Panels

DB2 Services, Architectural Sheet Metal, Kansas City
VA Hospital

Architectural Wall Panels, Composite Panels

DB2 Services Inc. is the best Architectural Sheet Metal Fabricator in Kansas City, Kansas. Our expertise includes wall systems, composite systems, and roof systems. The smooth, sleek, composite materials used in our panel systems can be bent, curved and joined together in an almost limitless range of geometric configurations, offering an excellent solution for buildings in Kansas and Missouri.

Architectural Details

Building owners and architects throughout Kansas and Missouri are constantly looking to make a design statement, and they often utilize today's generation of metal composite materials for the exterior cladding of their structures. These panels can impart a high-tech appearance to a building, due to their ability to be formed into various shapes.

DB2 Services

Employment. DB2 Services values people who are passionate about their work. Our highly-trained technicians stay abreast of technological advances in composite systems, roof systems and wall systems. We are looking for motivated, skilled, accomplished people to join our team. We seek new and experienced tradesman who desire to grow with our organization. We invite you to consider taking your place in our dynamic organization. We offer competitive compensation, and a comprehensive benefits package.

Our Services. DB2 Services Inc. is a family-owned architectural sheetmetal fabrication company, incorporated in 2009 in the State of Kansas. We operate as a general contractor, with a proven history of completing challenging projects with quality craftsmanship on schedule. We perform projects in the education and commercial building construction markets. We specialize in prefabricated, panelized Exterior and Interior Wall Systems to increase building quality, reduce time of construction and save considerably in overall cost.

Panel Systems. DB2 Services offers state-of-the-art wall panel systems and roof panel systems. Our production process begins with your design, and ends with your completed building. Our in-house design engineers work with drawings from your architect, create our own working drawings, and then move to the assembly line , full assembly, and final construction at your site. Our sister company Delta Innovative Services is a general roofing contractor, and is dedicated to great service and quality workmanship.

Safety. We are committed to developing a culture of Safety Awareness for our employees. To meet this commitment, we have developed several safety programs and policies, which aid our employees in attaining these goals. We also recognize that employees abusing drugs and alcohol are less productive, and are often a risk to the safety, security, and productivity of other employees. Therefore, it is our policy to maintain a workplace free from the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment.